Highlights of Magican

Clean up mac

Users can use Magican as a Mac cleaner to clean duplicate files, logs and other useless files to free up disk space safely.

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Magican assists users set the default applications, easily access to parameters settings and set login items.

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Magican Monitor lets users see the system data in real time and stop unneeded processes with one click.

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Magican helps users find out all apps on the Mac and let users uninstall the unwanted apps easily and thoroughly.

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Magican provides on-download scanner and helps check internet speed.

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Those three useful tools greatly help users locate files, manage files and rescue users from overworking.

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Awards & Reviews

"I love this program!!! It's: SIMPLE, EASY, VERY POWERFUL, I use it since 10 min and I will keep it and recommend it! Thanks a lot"

—— Guillaume Hullin

"맥 만능 관리도구 최적화 앱 Magican [mac osx 추천 어플] 맥용 온도체크 바이러스백신 중복파일제거 언인스톨러"

—— Minseok Kim

"Congrats! Web Browser: It helps remove browser CAHCE Cheers"

—— Lesvange

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