"Cette boîte à outils est tout à fait étonnante. Parce qu'elle est plutôt complète, qu'elle présente une interface agréable, sophistiquée sans débauche graphique inutile, et qu'elle nous est offerte gratuitement. Si l'anglais ne vous gêne pas outre mesure, Magican mérite une place de choix sur votre Mac!"

"Los ordenadores Apple mantienen su sistema operativo limpio y reluciente con el paso del tiempo. Generalmente los ordenadores con Mac no se ralentizan como ocurre con los PCs, que debido, entre otras razones, al engorde del Registro de Windows, se hacen cada vez más lentos…"

"The free software for Mac called Magican, says that it is a Mac app that can be used for both situations; meaning it can be used for maintaining and fixing (certain things through cleaning) Mac computers."

"얼마전에 Magican 이라는맥용소프트웨어를 사용해보게 되었습니다.무료로배포되고있는 Mac OS X 전용어플인데매우막강한기능들을한 유틸에모아놓았네요."

"Although OS X is a very stable operating system, from time to time a bit of maintenance doesn't go amiss to make things more snappy. Magican is a simple and effective tool for exactly that."

"A freeware solution that can easily match the capabilities of paid programs, the Magican represents an advent product in monitoring/protection/performance utilities for the Mac OS X. With a myriad of features carefully... "

"Et boujour à tous ! Aujourd’hui est un grand jour, car j’ai le privilège de faire le tout premier test demander par l’équipe même qui a réaliser l’application Magican !"



Magican get “4 stars” awards from Magazine: Vous et Votre Mac
( a été créé en 2004 par Alain Lalisse et Bernard Le Du.
Magican get a "100% Clean" award from website: The constantly monitors the update of all programs.
Magican get an "Editor's Pick" award from website: BrotherSoft serves worldwide customers as among the top 5 leading software download websites. Magican get "4 stars" awards from website: ПРОГРАММЫ ДЛЯ MAC, IPHONE И IPAD И НЕ ТОЛЬКО…
Magican get a "100% Clean" award from website: Softpedia is a library of over 350,000 free and free-to-try software programs. Magican got the "100 Best Mac OS X Apps Of Year 2011 [Editor's Pick]" from AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find free and simple solutions to their everyday problems.


Rüdiger Penkwitt commented on Apr 1,2013

i love it, using it everyday to check and clean.

Julius commented on Oct 21,2012

Hello I write to you from Ukraine, actively use Magican! Big thanks to the developers and programmers for their work! and an excellent program! Thank you again! Â Sincerely Julius P.S. Just a great program

dj jambone commented on Oct 15,2012

so far so good man... just keep up the good work. i've just down loaded the app and i'll let you know very soon.

Richa Mehta commented on Sep 4,2012

Amazing software

Guillaume Hullin commented on Sep 1,2012

I love this program!!! It's: - SIMPLE - EASY - VERY POWERFUL I use it since 10 min and I will keep it and recommend it! Thanks a lot

HAI LE commented on Aug 4,2012


Stephane L'Heureux commented on Aug 1,2012

WOW !!!
Just to let you all know at Magicansoft, I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with the Magican software suite !!!
This is simply an amazing piece of software, i.e. superb GUI, amazing functionality and great software suite package, bar none.
Many thanks to you all at Magicansoft.

James commented on Aug 1,2012

Don't you worry about a thing! Just keep the great apps coming! The word will get out, like it already has, that's how I heard about Magican and I love it! Thank you for your time and effort!

Jack commented on Aug 1,2012

I love you ideas :)
Keep Walking to your goal.

kiran commented on Jul 4,2012

Just now downloaded Magician… Its very good utility... I used to use Cleanmymac all these days... but Magician is much more exhaustive... love it... thanks for sharing this info with us… kudos to the team...

shane commented on Jul 4,2012

Just wanted to say that Magican is one of the best apps Ive ever had, honestly, I don’t know how the team doesn’t take profit from it. Thank you so much.

Donny Ray commented on May 22,2012

Hi, I'm very happy about Magician, ois very good, thanks for all

Dr. Hesham commented on May 18,2012

Thank you for this wonderful program

Victor Lipp commented on May 18,2012

Congratulations, You have done a wonderful job of building and updating this application! Keep up the good work

lesvange commented on May 18,2012

Congrats! Web Browser: It helps remove browser CAHCE Cheers

Adrian Le Boeuf commented on May 14,2012

Folks,Just wanted to say thanks for this fine bit of software, sure saved me a lot of time cleaning out 9.9 GB of useless trash that I would have spent weeks sorting through all files. Great product.Adrian

Lira commented on April 23,2012

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I have just downloaded "Magican".
As a feedback, I may say that I found it great, it did served my purposes.