Magican version 1.4.8 is now available! Magican is an all-in-one utility for Mac OS X. Magican helps users monitor their system stats in real-time. Magican deletes junk to keep Macs clean, detects and removes viruses, collects useful applications, scans hardware information, deletes unneeded applications to save on disk space and Magican regularly updates users on free and discounted applications available from the App Store. All of Magican’s features are powerful yet free for all Mac users!

  • Check internet speed and end the abnormal network

  • One-click to scan junks and one-click to clean up

  • Scan and remove redundant duplicate files

  • Uninstall unneeded applications completely

  • Monitor CPU, disk, fan speed in floating window

  • Release inactive memory to free memory

  • Detect start-up and close useless login items

  • Keep Mac secure by on-download scanner

  • Recommend free apps from Mac App Store



Floating Window

Magican offers a floating window to help users easily view system stats and quickly optimize system.

Main Window

General information is listed in the welcome window. Users can scan their systems stats and clean all unneeded files to free up available system space in just one click. Operation logs are displayed on the right hand side of the screen. Still operation logs would be recorded at the right side bar.


Magican cleans up junk files, including system caches and logs, duplicate files, unused languages, useless binaries, browser caches and application leftovers.


Magican security center helps users detect and remove Trojan, monitor and close processes with abnormal network connections.


Magican Optimizer helps users set Default applications, login items and Parameters in a more convenient way.


Magican Stats displays disk, memory, sensor, CPU, battery and network information all in real-time.


Magican optimized the Software center, besides enable uninstall applications, users can get software recommendations and evaluation now.


Magican’s ToolBox has three tools: Magican Document, Magican Rest and Magican File. More apps are on the way!


Magican Hardware lists all of your Mac’s hardware, making upgrading or selling a breeze!