Magican AntiTrojan is a free antivirus app designed to protect your Mac from Flashback and other Trojans.

In addition to detecting Flashback, Magican AntiTrojan can also help detect all infected files through its easy-to-use interface. Users only need to click a button to detect and delete harmful Trojans and all infected files. Magican AntiTrojan is easier than complicated solutions found on the internet and it’s safer.
Magican AntiTrojan has been upgrade to Magican, download and enjoy the latest version of Mac cleaner.

  • Free App for Mac Users
    Magican AntiTrojan is totally free. It helps users avoid attacks from Flashback and other Trojans.

  • One Click Delete
    Magican AntiTrojan helps users detect and remove harmful Trojans in just one click.



Flashback Trojan

The Flashback Trojan was discovered in September of 2011 as a fake Adobe Flash player plug-in installer. It steals personal information from unsuspecting users. Over 600,000 Macs have been infected by this Trojan to date.

MacKontrol.A, Sabpab.A, Olyx.A-C

MacKontrol.A, Sabpab.A, Olyx.A-C are all backdoor Trojans that allow others to perform remote operations on Macs. MacKontrol can delete files, terminate processes, get system username information and even upload, download or execute files-all without permission. Sabpab.A targets Mac users who run Java and Microsoft Word. Olyx.A-C can download and upload files and execute hollow commands without permission.

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How to Delete Trojans