Magican File is a free and easy-to-use file manager. Magican File finds duplicate files, helps search for files, allows users to copy, cut, paste, delete, create files and folders and allows users to delete duplicate files. Come to try the latest Mac cleaner.

  • Finds any file

  • Finds hidden files with the file search button

  • Offers a right-click function

  • Offers a powerful file operation function


Newly Updated

  • Users can freely add or merge multiple windows into one and display it as a tab
  • Magican File enables users to modify file information such as creation date and storage location
  • Users can freely add or merge multiple windows into one and displayed as tab


  • Users can select an icon to enable auto-start at login

  • In Sidebar, users can select an icon to hide or show general items in the left hand sidebar
  • In Advanced, users can select an icon to display hidden files

How to Use Magican File

Search file


Example Search:

A song’s name contains an “s” and is saved as an mp3 file

An image is saved as a jpg and is larger than 1MB Separate Navigation Bar

Sperate navigation bar

Select the icon to choose the file’s location

Type the file location directly

Manage a file

Select the icons in the top menu bar to copy, cut, paste, move to trash or permanently delete files.

Users can also right-click the file to view file management options in the menu on the right.

Get file or folder information

Click the Info icon to find file or folder information. Different labels can be added to each file.

How to use tabs

Manage several tabs on the left hand side of Magican File at the same time. Users can open each tab as a separate window.


Drag a window and shake it to merge several windows into one tab.