Magican Monitor is a free Mac system monitor. The Magican Monitor application helps Mac users monitor their Macs quickly and painlessly. Magican Monitor has three monitors: the system monitor, network monitor and temperature monitor. Magican Monitor displays memory, disk, CPU, sensor and battery information all in one click. Users can drag items and position them at will. And you can always get more powerful functions from latest version of Mac cleaner.

  • Network Monitor mac

    Network Monitor makes online speed visible

  • Temperature Monitor mac

    Temperature Monitor has an easy-to-read interface

  • System Monitor mac

    System Monitor shows system stats quickly


Tips to operate quickly

1. Double click an item to maximize or minimize the window

2. Drag each item at will

3. Drag items off the screen to cancel or disable them

4. Click each icon to display the preference (Net Monitor, CPU Monitor, etc)

Preference Setting

1. General
Click to show an icon, auto start with login and to show an icon in the menu bar

2. Network Monitor
Set refresh interval (from 1 to 20 seconds)

3. CPU Monitor
Choose the graph display color for each system and user; set refresh interval (from 1 to 20 seconds); set history (from 30 to 300 seconds)

4. Memory Monitor
Change colors at will and set refresh interval (from 1 to 20 seconds)

5. Battery Monitor
Set refresh time (from 1 to 20 seconds); set low battery alert (choose between 5-50% battery)

6. Sensor Monitor
Set the time internal of refreshing the latest information

7. Disk Monitor
Select the graph colors of reading speed and writing speed of the disk. Set refresh time from 1 second to 20 seconds and choose history time length from 30 seconds to 300 seconds

Now we have better Mac system monitor program. Although it’s just part of Magican, it is more functional and easy-to-use