The Reasons Why My Mac Is Running Slow

The Reasons Why My Mac Is Running Slow

It seems to be unavoidable that the Mac may run slower after it used for a certain time. Many users like to ask," What the reasons why my Mac is running slow?" Here are some answers to the question. Please readthe article to find whether your Mac is suffering from these errors.

1,Lack of Free Disk Space and RAM

When the hard drive is taken up too much space, your Mac performance drops down naturally. At least 10% of hard drive free is the basic requirement. You can find the available space at the bottom of the Finder window, or please click on the drive>Get Info (or CMD-I).

Like the Disk space, RAM is also very important to the good performance. More RAM can speed up the data processing. Magican can provide more hardware information about your Mac.

my Mac is running slow

2,Permissions Error after Upgrading

Normally speaking, Lion installer will fix permission errors after an upgrade. However, adding a third-party programs or restoring something through Time Machine may lead to permissions error.

3,Too Many Caches, Logfiles and Duplicate Files

Such files usually take up much space. Except the 3 kinds of files above, unused languages, useless binaries and the application leftover are also included. To delete them easily and quickly, we can take the help of some clean up utilities. Here is the detailed information about how to clean you Mac .

4,Lots of Start-up Items

Too many start-ups often slow down a Mac when it starts. Most people won’t notice that the programs set to start up through installation. We can disable the unwanted items in system preference. Or use Magican to close them.

5,Cluttered Icons on Desktop

Some users are lazy to tidy the files. Day by day, there are more and more icons on the desktop. It can drag down the speed dramatically.

6,Index Is Running All the Time

Spotlight is the search engine in OS X. However, the continuous indexing is the fundamental reason behind the issue.

7, Hard Drive Issue

Maybe it is the least likely reason. But it may cause the biggest problem. It is recommended to repair disk regularly to avoid disastrous issue.

8, Outdated Programs

Latest programs often run smoother and have fewer bugs. So please keep the Mac always run with the latest programs.

9, Forget to Quit Apps

Don’t forget to exit apps totally after you run them. Too many apps run at the same time will take up most CPU.

10, Malware and Virus

Although the Mac Trojan malware and virus are not common,still it’s better to check it.

Though They are just a part of the answers to“why my Mac is running slow?”, it can help most users speed up their Macs. Some apps, like Magican, can fix the errors I just mentioned.

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Download freeware and discount software for your Mac

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