Magican Help-Simplify Magican operations! Make cleaning your Mac easier!

Magican version 1.4.8 is now available! Magican is an all-in-one utility for Mac OS X. Magican helps users monitor their system stats in real-time, delete junk to keep Macs clean, detect and remove viruses, collect useful applications, scan hardware information, delete unneeded applications to save on disk space and Magican regularly updates users on free and discounted applications available from the App Store. All of Magican’s features are powerful yet free for all Mac users!

  • Detects and removes Trojans with quick scan, full scan and specific scan

  • Offers multi-touch options for easy use

  • Recommends free apps from the App Store

  • Recommends discounted apps from the App Store

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Tips & Wiki

Magican AntiTrojan Help - Detects and removes viruses

Magican AntiTrojan is an antivirus app that helps protect Macs from viruses and Trojans. It helps detect and delete viruses and infected files.

Magican Rest Help - Rescues users from overworking

Magican Rest forces Mac users to rest during regular intervals preset by the user. Magican Rest rescues users from overworking!

Magican Monitor Help - Monitors system status

Magican Monitor is a free Mac system monitor that helps Mac users monitor their Macs quickly and effectively.

Magican Document Help - Manages documents easily

Magican Document is a document manager for Mac OS X. Magican Document is different from Magican File in that it helps users automatically list all documents by category.

Magican File Help - Finds any file

Magican File is a free and easy-to-use file manager. It helps users search for files and to identify duplicate files.