How to Clean Your Mac

Nowadays people encounter lots of issues with their Macs. Gradually, gradually they find the complex devices lose their function, the application needs more and more time to open and the performance level get worse little by little. They have no idea why the issues happen. They are eager to know how to clean the Macs.

Many people have to send the Mac to the Apple repair center to improve performance and fix the bug of the Mac. Actually, all the issue can be solved by ourselves. Because the main reason for the issues is insufficient memory. If we can carry out some measures, memory of Mac can be reclaimed easily.

Magican is such one of the utilities which can help you. In the following, I will introduce the steps clearly. Hope it can help you.

Firstly, Quick Scan

On the Magican main UI, You can see the last scan time and freed up space up over the UI. We highly suggest users clean the Mac regularly by clicking on the button “Quick Scan”. After all, it’s not a good thing to take up to much disk with the unnecessary files. But we don’t recommend that clean the Mac too much, because some caches are also helpful to provide quick access to object files.

How to Clean Your Mac

In addition, Magican also provides the option to cancel scan immediately.

When the scan finishes, the result can be seen. Users can click on button “Clean” to delete all the files scanned out. (Note: In order to avoid any mistakenly delete, you can choose to remove them to trash)

In the quick scan, Magican can also detect and remove Trojans.


1,Quick Clean

This part is one of the Quick Scan. In this part, you can choose to scan the certain items.

Users can click on the button “Results” to see the detailed information of the result.

2, Duplicate

The default file size is 200KB, so it’s better to set the file size to clean your Mac better before you run the function. If no, there may be lots of undetected duplicate. In addition, in order to save time, we recommend that you can select one or more folder to scan. Or it may cost much to run the full scan.

3, File Finder

Magican can find the disused and large files. Please click on the button “Find” after you set the time and size.

We can see Magican is a great helper to clean your Mac. Do you really feel it just the one you need? Have a try. Let it help you clean your Mac and improve the performance. Go ahead! Download it from