Magican can act as an App Uninstaller for Mac

As we all know, Mac is famous for their easy uninstallation process. For most users, uninstalling an app just needs to drag and drop the program's icon to the trash and the software disappears. However, does it really uninstall the program totally? The answer is NO. It's the fact that Mac still needs an app uninstaller for Mac.

Many people may think that my purpose is to promote the Magican. But that’s true.

Most of Mac applications seem to be easy to uninstall. However, it’s difficult to delete these apps totally. Because some apps will leave the preferences and configuration files. Generally, we won’t find them until we find a great number of unused files. Those files are likely to be hidden in Library folders in the hard drive. To delete the apps thoroughly, you still need the help from an app uninstaller for Mac.

Magican is a good app uninstaller for Mac which helps users to completely uninstall unwanted apps. The uninstaller in Magican is designed to help users easily uninstall programs with one click, so all the programs, extensions and screensavers installed on the Mac can be detected and showed on the interface.

uninstaller for mac

All the program can be sorted by 3 means: alphabetical order (default), size (from large to small), time (the length of time program has been unused). You can choose one of them according to your situation.

If you know the name of the application, you can enter the name of the application in the search box directly.

You can find the version, size, location of all the programs. The file path can help you check the file. You can also click on the icon of the program to open it.

It’s easy to uninstall the application. Just click the button “Uninstall” after the application you want to delete. The related files will show on the pop-up. Please tick them and click on “Remove”.

In addition, considering many users are used to dragging the app to trash, Magican adds a function to detect the remaining files. When start Magican main program, Magican can remind users, provided there is any remaining file of the application which was recently dragged to trash. It can help you delete the remaining files easily. Note: Only when the Magican core program is open does reminder function work.

We can see Magican is in great use to uninstall the app and delete the leftover. It’s really a great app uninstaller for Mac. Go ahead! Download it from, you will feel like you have a new Mac. There are more reasons why we need third-party applications to uninstall programs on Mac.