An introduction to Magican Optimizer

With the addition of the new item “Optimizer”,Magican has made a major step forward in becoming an all-in-one Mac App. Please allow me to give you a detailed introduction of Optimizer so that users can better understand this function.

1. Set Default applications

If you want to set a browser or Email client as a Default item but you cannot be bothered to find them one by one, do not worry as Magican v1.4.0 is here to put an end to this kind of trouble. Just within Optimizer, and with only a few clicks, users can easily find the application they want to set as their default. Of course, Magican also allows users to set which program they want files to open with.

2. Set login items

Have you ever been troubled by having too many applications running at startup? Has this really slowed down your booting time? Or even worse, are there too many login items to figure out what they all are? Magican optimizer offers a convenient way for users to set start-up items, Daemons & Agents and Kernel Extensions. Just one click is needed to turn on necessary Startup items and turn off unnecessary ones, and then you are trouble free.

3.Access Parameters settings

Magican gives users access to Parameters settings in Screen shots (such as its format, save location number of display), Finder (show hidden files and folders, show item path in window title etc),Dock (appearance, minimize usage, position, alignment etc) and Login (background image, message to show in login window etc).

Trying this new function could give you a better understanding of Magican. Please come and visit us, and tell us what you think about it.