Assistant of your Mac

Mac issues always pop-up to annoy our daily life. Some are caused by Mac system leaks, some are caused by app bugs and some are caused by users' error operations. That lead each of our Mac users has to master some solutions to face the popping up Mac issue, but that would be too harsh to our most common users.

For those common users, they just need to find a Mac assistant to help them. They just need to know update Mac system in time; uninstall the Mac app that has problems, correct operations procedures and find someone who is really good at Mac. And the one could be your friend, the paid service from the third party or even a utility stayed in your Mac, offer 24*7 services.

Yes, I mean a utility. It would be more reliable and cost-effective for most of our common users. Users could use this Mac assistant to do further operation, like remind of Mac system updates and app updates, uninstall apps and related component files, and even monitor Mac system stat. This assistant named as Magican. Compare this Mac assistant to other Mac apps; it is one app with multiple features, like uninstalling leftover, monitoring CPU usage and CPU temperature and scanning redundant files, useless caches and cleaning them up to keep Mac system in order.

And to be a good Mac assistant, it still helps detect battery status, and recommend users the discounts apps' information from Mac App Store. Furthermore, it could auto detect local weather information, and forecasting the next three days' weather info.

Another highlight of this Mac assistant is the easy-to-use operation. Different from its numerous features, its operation are simple. Its buttons are big and easy to understand, normally users could click a button to complete clean up Mac. This Mac assistant is always thought as users' thought, to be more cost-effective, Magican is totally free for all Mac users.

Let this Mac assistant help you, keep your Mac away from troubles. Still this Mac assistant would even add antivirus and fire wall features in the future updates to help protect Mac system from attacking troubles.