Besides security center, still some small features can’t be ignored

Magican 1.1.0 integrated with the features of security center, which can detect and delete dozens of viruses. No doubt the new added security center may attract many users who like using the platform utility. However, besides enjoying the new security center; you can experience more small changes of Magican.

Magican fixed users' position based on the IP address. However, in some objective conditions, the fixed position may have some difference with the actual location in geographical. In order to make the position more accurately, now Magican will confirm with new users about their location. If there is an error, users can change the location and Magican will automatically locate their cities.

After releasing Magican 1.0.1, some users sent us feedbacks that Magican can't get the weather forecast in some area, such as Tallinn. The new version has fixed weather forecast problems, including the inaccurate temperature display and no weather report in some area. Before we release version 1.1.0, there are some problems with the main window leading to the temperature beneath zero can't be displayed completely. In the new update, subzero temperature is able to be fully displayed.

Version 1.0.0 makes it available to set fan, but users need to reset it after they restarted Mac. Magican 1.1.0 solved the problem that fan speed can't be permanently maintained. Now the set fan speed will remain at the same even after you restarted Mac.

Some users think Magican's preference operation is too complicated, and they need to open the preference option in the menu bar. In order to facilitate the setting, Magican have added a preference option on the left side of the main window, you can click the button to open the preference option. In addition, you still can use the shortcut key "command +," to quickly open it.

Magican makes continuous improvements on the original features, and still adds the new features on security center. The functions of Magican are becoming more and more comprehensive, accurate and simple.