Changing space window on Mac

Generally, each monitor has one screen desktop for users to operate and use. As computer plays many roles in our daily life, we are now deal with much more important works through computer. So as to a single screen is not enough for most of us. Then Mac OS X adds virtual desktops to solve this problem. Then people can change several desktop to use at same time. This feature enlarge screen without changing the physical monitor.

These virtual desktops are called spaces in Mac, while pressing F8 key in Mac 10.6; you get an overview of each space, showing all open windows in all spaces. From here, you can move a window from one space to another by simply dragging it there. While "Lion" released now, this space has been concluded by Mission Control with Exposé.

You can still move applications while switching different spaces. Maybe get a few settings for activating and switching between spaces. Still some apps are designed to automatically switching space, like Magican. This free system monitor can help you monitor your system in different space automatically. While other apps don't have this feature, you may need to check a box at the bottom of panel with allows switching spaces automatically when switching between applications bound to spaces. Then just clicking the app's icon or press both "Command" and "Tab" can helps the chosen app move to the desired space.