Clean system cache

More and more people turn to use computer operating system as Mac OS X instead of Windows. To fully enjoy the vivid color while browsing pages online, get the funny widgets to make Mac customized, people marks Mac as funny and vogue. But one thing need to be mentioned is all those actions makes caches follow up. Although each time the generated cache just take limited space. But longtime ignoring them will cause a large number of caches. So we need to clean them on time to make sure Mac is running fast.

Generally, cache is not all bad for Mac, proper cache will make Mac running faster, make web browsing faster. But too much of cache will lead to the opposite side, making Mac running slow. So we need to selectively clean system cache.

Before cleaning cache, you need to backup all the things on your Mac to an external drive. This can avoid of mistakenly deleting important files, and prepare for some unexpected problems.

You can directly clean caches by the following steps:
1. Choose Users>your user name>Library>Caches.
2. From the Menu bar, choose Edit>Select All.
3. Drag desired items to the Trash.
4. From the Mac HD, choose Library>Caches.
5. Choose Edit>Select All, and drag the items to the Trash. You’ll be required to type in an administrator’s password.
6. Restart your Mac.

Or you can use tool to clean cache, and this method is recommended for normal Mac users. This kind of tools will list the unneeded caches for you and help you clean it without trouble. Users can go to MacUpdate to find this kind of tools.