Cooling your Mac

Mac will turn hot after longtime using. Most of users meet this problem, especially in summer day, high-powered Macs turns hot easily. Then it seems to bring down the Mac’s heat becomes more important in summer.

Every Mac has matched temperature sensors and fans, while Mac becomes heat; fans will works to cooling the Mac quietly. But without hearing and seeing, you may not feel out the fan’s running, especially when Mac’s becomes more and more heat, it will increase your doubt, and then you need to check the exact temperature. If you don't have any tools to check the temperature, Magican can works for you. After checking the temperature, you need several ways to cooling your Mac.

Physical bring down Mac temperature from outside. Keep your Mac at a well-ventilated room, with air condition is more perfect in summer day, and avoid of direct sunlight. Avoid of putting your Mac on your bed, or sofa, these soft interface will block the vents and keep the Mac warmer and warmer. An extra radiator fan is recommended to speed up dissipate heat.

Lower the Mac’s temperature with suitable using. Decreasing the using time of applications which occupy large processes, like video editor and image editors. These apps make Mac temperature goes higher.

All those ways are neither complex to understand nor hard to deal with. Just pay a attention during daily operation, you can easily maintain your Mac.