Daily Maintenance of Mac Disk

Mac system always be tagged as safe and powerful, but definitely it is not perfect. To keep Mac away from crash and security problem, we also need to pay more attention to maintain it. Unlike Windows system, it's hard to define the common Mac problems, because once Mac has problems, it must be a big problem, so daily maintenance is significant for Mac users.

There are several ways to maintenance Mac, taking using disk maintenance as an example.

1.Run Magican to maintain your Mac. While Mac running slow, you can detect your memory, disk, CPU, sensor and battery information to confirm the slow reason is caused by hard disk.

2. Especially check the hard disk regularly. Use Magican to check the hard disk's space, if used space is too much, you need to delete some unused or unneeded files to enlarge the idle space, or buy a larger hard disk.

3.Besides delete files, backup files are more effective and security for users. But you need to often manage your files and make daily backup.

4.Put your old backup file to external drive to store.