Decorate your Mac's desktop by unique icons

To make your Mac's desktop beautiful as to make your house beautiful. It can satisfy you with a good mood while working, and makes your Mac personal and has unit style. Changing desktop icons is one of the easiest ways to decorate your Mac's desktop.

To decorate your desktop icons, you need to find some special suits of icons, which are not concluded in the default icon. The best way to get the icons is to search by google or yahoo search engine. And download from security websites. Worth to mention that, find a suit icons can make your desktop more vivid and tidy. Still if you have painting skills, you can also paint yourself, anyway, to common users, download is the most suitable way.

After downloading the icons, need to change your current desktop icon, it requires a few steps, we have post an article about how to change icon. You can follow the steps to change your volume, application, folder, or file's icon.

After pitching up one suit of icon, don't delete the rest icons, and then you can change icons at regular intervals to fit for your different need at different period.