Dock on Mac

Different from Windows, Mac OS X has an interactive list contains applications, files, folders, minimized windows and Trash. It’s a collection of all desktop shortcuts in Windows, still it can be set as hide while mouse move away or type command-option-D to change the hide or appear situation. And it can be selected on the bottom or the left side of monitor.

The dock contains two parts which are divided by a line, one part is stored applications, and another is trash.

To add an app or file on the dock, just move its icon to the dock, still remove an app or file from the dock, drag the icon away from the dock, then the icon will disappear from the dock, but the app or the file itself will not be removed at the same time, it still be saved in its original location.

To open a file from dick, click the file's icon on the dock. If you want more operations on dock, you can right click an icon to get related option while the file has set dock features. Take Magican Monitor as an example, if you want to show network speed on the icon in dock, you can right click the icon and tick the "Show Network Speed" at "Dock Icon".

To delete a file or application to Trash, drag its icon to the Trash. Still to eject an iPod, CD, DVD, disk image, or other device, drag its icon to the trash, which will change to an eject icon.