Mac users like to uninstall application by just moving its icon to trash, since it is very easy to operate. But users may not know that moved to trash application still has its related files and preference files left in disk or system. Besides just moving to trash, it there any better way to uninstall applications completely.

Magican could solve this trouble for you. Not only helps you completely have the applications uninstalled, Magican also help you remain the related files you want to keep.

All the applications installed on your Mac are all listed out in Magican software center. For the Apps you do not need anymore, just click the button "Uninstall" the right side, a file list will pop up then. In this list, all the related files are listed out for you, and then you could choose to remain the necessary files. Of course, this list also informs you how much space these related files have taken as reference.

Besides uninstalling application, Magican can also completely uninstall Plug-Ins, Widgets, Screen Savers and Preference Panes.

May be, Magican still needs to be optimizing. But its all-in-one function has really taken users much convenience on Mac management and protection. Of course, more and more customers' feedback have proved the fact above.