Enjoy the entirely new outlook

On May 18th, 2012, Magicanreleased a new version 1.0.0 with more powerful features and easy-to-useinterface. Based on the wide user experiences, many of ourclients thought Magican interface is not a typical Mac look. This time Magicanredesigned the UI, in view of simplifying user operations and embellishingoutlook.

This may lead some changes for long-timeusers’ using habit, but we believe a more easy-to-use operation could be recipientfor our long-time users. In addition, the mainly operation could not bechanged. Like one-click scanning redundant files and one-clickcleaning redundant files.

To let our users feel relieved, we willcompare these two interfaces for you to easily tell the similaritiesand differences.

First difference comes from the menu bar; wemoved the top menu bar to the left part with small icon instead. This would bemore Mac style. To follow up Mac users’ habits would make operation easier.

To make the whole interface more succinct,we have moved out some secondary information in new version. Taking the home moduleas an example, we just leave a quick scan button as it is to simplify users’choices.

Operations in Clean module is same asbefore, we just moved each item’s delete button to the top left, then userscould easily reach the icon to delete customized files.

Stat module changed a lot; we moved allitems to the bottom and saving more places for revealing details. Besides, tomake system monitor more vivid, feature of stopping process are added in.

We have optimized the space in ToolBox toleave more space adding more powerful tiny tools.

To the similarities, Magican still keepsthe mainly features, one-click scanning, system monitoring, Mac cleaning,discounts recommending, tools collecting and hardware detecting.

Hopesthis entire new Magican could fit for your need. Although Magican has updatedto version 1.0.0, it could continue make updates and add more powerful featuresin. For instance, in viewing of the new Trojan, Flashback and its relatedTrojans that annoyed much Mac users recently, we are planning to add featuresof antivirus and fire wall at Magican future updates. We hope to make Magicanstronger to protect our users’ Mac, and to be a really “all-in-one” utility.