Essential freeware system monitor

Monitoring system is one of the common tasks that more and more Mac users will do every day. To use Activity Monitor do daily monitor maybe a little bit of messy. Here is a monitoring app released recently that can do easy and convenient monitoring.

This app named Magican. To compare with Activity Monitor, this app has smaller interface that make monitoring system at any time become possible and not bothering. Anytime you want to check your Mac stat, just move your mouse to the float window, then CPU usage, RAM data, and disk speed shows out. Still you can hide unneeded monitor items to optimize the app's interface.

Come back to the monitoring part. This app can monitor model of hard disk, used space, free space wisely, and also read speed and write speed in real time. This can help you manage your process well and reduce the probability of app's stop running. The network shows your bandwidth, including the download and upload speed. Then when your networks turns down, check this item to get where your speed has gone.
Memory shows you the general used memory, when your Mac runs slow; it may caused by the full usage of your memory. You can check this item first; you can optimize memory when free memory shows too little.
CPU shows your current usage and CPU Type, it still shows the number of all running processes and treads.