Experience multiple apps with little costs and little disk spaces

There are hundreds of apps joining in Mac App Store every day. Mac users could get any of them to make their Mac more powerful. But problems also follow up, too much installed apps would occupy much spaces and take much costs.

Magican is the tool which could help you solve these problems.

To save users’ costs on buying new apps, Magican offers feature of recommending discount apps and free apps of today. All the apps’ discount info is from Mac App Store. Magican just picks the discount info up from Mac App Store to its software module, and lists all the apps into different category to help user quickly find the desired one. Magican adds list range as top ratings and high scores. Then users could easily get the discounts apps.

Then to optimize these spaces which are occupied by much app, Magican helps users to uninstall unneeded apps completely even with related file folder. Take an browser app as example, users could find this browser’s icon at installed app list, then click uninstall button, Magican will list out the browser’s app and related browse caches for users to selectable delete.