Find any file by using Magican

Users who have used Magican before know that it has features of managing files. And after updated to the version 0.9.80, Magican replaced the document icon by a new added ToolBox, and added Magican File to the ToolBox. By doing so, users could not only manage documents in category, but also find any file by a search button.

Please allow me to introduce Magican File to you for a better operation.

Besides having the common operations, like copying and pasting file, Magican File still could cut file, directly delete files without moving them to trash, this could help saving more spaces which may occupied by useless duplicated files or meaningless trash files.

Furthermore, the finding feature is absolute a shining point in Magican File, it has faster finding speed, and more accurate results than other common file finders. Still it is very easy to operate, just typing the element related to the need-to-find file, for instance, file name, file path, file size and file format, these could be exact or blurry, Magican File will list all related files out for you to get the desired one.

Then comes to the feature of compression, this is very useful while backing up files. To make your disk run effectively, you need to manage your files in time, backup the old (currently not being used but important files) by time range to help you find older files more quickly. To save space and easy to store after, you can compress same kind of files together without starting another app to occupy resource.

Perturbed your mind? Using Magican to enable this file finder and make your file management more available and effective. And don’t bother with the incompatible problems; Magican File in Magican could works well in Mac Lion.