Find desired file from mess

Have you ever met this situation that to find a file which you never thought you would need it again? I believe most of us have. Maybe your boss want to see a last year's selling report and want you to take it out, maybe you just heard a song on the street which remind of your memory then hope to find out to hear again. Then here is why a file finder is really important to us.

Magican File is designed to meet your needs. Different from "Finder", Mac default search app, Magican File can search multiple locations, search files by sorting their size and creation date, and directly compress files after finding out the files. All these features can help you find out the file more quickly. Take the music that was full of memory as an example.

If you didn't remember the song's name, just type the date range when you add this song, then type the file format as music. To reduce the finding time, select the quick mode. Then your desired song will be found out quickly. Still you can directly operate the file by right-click menu, such as cut this song out and past to the current used music folder. All these steps can be finished in same interface, it makes finding more convenient and faster.

Although Magican File can help you quickly find files from mess. It's better for you to backup your files on time. After all, mess files may lead Mac crash.