Find Duplicate Files to Free Up Disk Space

Duplicate files are common in every user's Mac. You may just using iTunes to play some mp3, or you may download some images or files repeatedly without attention, then duplicate files are created. By long time's accumulation, those duplicated files will occupy much of your disk space, make your Mac running slow and most important, while you have something really important need to save, but not enough disk space will be sucks.

So keep your disk clean and tidy is really important. You can delete duplicate files in time by using Magican File. Unlike other Mac finders, Magican File allows you to directly delete files after finding out of them. First of all, you need to find out the duplicated files. Just click the "Search" button at Magican File to open the search mode. You can type the name of files to find out the duplicate file, or type the files' format to minimize the finding range, like .jpg, .png, .mp3… Then, right-click at the finding list, click the delete button to permanently delete files.

Normally, Mac files can be only move to Trash first, and then choose empty Trash from the Finder menu. By using Magican File, you can directly delete any file you don't want anymore. This helps saving your time when optimizing your hard disk.