Free download Magican to enjoy its good features

The following article will share with you how to install and use Magican to experience its good features, including clean Mac, monitor for system information, file and software management.

Magican is a piece of freeware for Mac designed for Mac users to optimize their Mac in all directions. Why it is “in all directions”? That is because when you run it on your Mac OS X, you can see that this Mac software have many modules, each module may be taken as a feature of Magican, and each feature makes your Mac performance better. Now you can follow the steps below to learn how to do benefits for your Mac OS X with the help of this free Mac software.

How to use Magican to clean for Mac? I keep a good habit to clean my Mac every week, but I still hope you do better than me. However, the first you need to consider is to open the main window of Magican, and then you can see there is a scan bar in the homepage. You can one-click to scan and clean the junks. If you want to get the details of the scanning results, you can click “Detail…” to visit the clean page to see which file will be deleted. Surely you can unselect the desire files to keep them on your Mac.

How to use Magican monitor for your Mac? Magican have two places to display the Mac OS X information to Mac users. The floating window is available to check temperature, network speed, CPU/memory usage, running programs and weather broadcast. If you want to know more, such as the battery usage, you can visit the stat page for more information.

Magican can list out all existing files and software on your Mac? Your entire file is classified, you can view and take file management on each file, and you can create a virtual folder to store the files with same points. Magican could help uninstall the software you do not want anymore, but a better feature of Magican is software recommendation. It lists out the discount and free app of today in Mac App Store, when you find good Mac software in Magican, you can click the App store icon to visit Mac App Store to download it. It is the best way to remind you the discounts in Mac App Store.

Magican is compatible with Intel based Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. So you should make sure your Mac OS X satisfies with the system requirements before you install Magican.