Free duplicate files finder to search and remove duplicated files for Mac users

Are you a Mac user, and how much you known about Magican File? Magican File is a useful application to Macintosh users. It is a free duplicate files finder to search and remove duplicated files for Mac users.

Magican File can called a duplicate file finder. Why does Mac users need to find duplicate files? Computer has its fixed space, so users should better keep their computer have enough space to storage more files. And another reason is the space of the computer show its influence on network speed, if you storage too many files on your computer, the network speed may become very slowly. Both of the two reasons shows the importance to find duplicate files and remove duplicated files.

Magican File can help Mac users find duplicate file, this file search tools make the duplicate files clearly display to user, but many other kinds of file search tools only can find one file and do not shows to user the duplicate one. Find the duplicate file is a feature of Magican File.

Remove duplicated files can provide more space for your computer. If you do not want have the copy files, you can choose to remove the duplicated files. When you want to delete files, you have two choices on Magican file. You can put the file into recycle bin or delete the file completely.

You can manage your file on Mac easily with Magican File. Do you want to have a free Magican File to manage your files now?