Free File Manager for Mac

A file manager is a computer program that offers users an interface to deal with their files. The common file operations on Mac are: copy, paste, create, open, move to trash and search. It always integrated in users' operation while using their Mac. So get familiar with your file manager will make your operation more effective and faster.

Normally, freshman just uses the system default file manager. It can meet their common requirements. But with time flies, more and more files need to store, such as the music, the video, and the business files, a more powerful utility will be more suitable. That's why multiple file managers are now released for users to select.

Magican File is one of the multiple file managers, and worth your attention. Besides having the common operations, Magican File still can cut file, directly delete files without moving to trash and easily change file path at navigation bar. For the more, the find feature is more powerful than Finder, because it has faster finding speed, and more accurately results. These are the most users' requirements while choosing file manager.

If you have Magican File, you can easily compress selected files. This is very useful while backup files. To make your disk running effectively, you need to manager your files in time, backup the old, current not used but important files by time range will helps to find older files more quickly. After finding our old files, to save space and easy to store, you can compress same kind files together without starting another app to occupy resource.

Worth to mention that, this powerful file manager is totally free. Then you can freely download and experience it without worrying about your purse.