Free Hard Disk Monitor for Macintosh Users

Magican Monitor is an app that scans all hard disk activity on a Macintosh system. Besides reporting you hard disk's mode and type, this hard disk monitor still monitor disk activity like the used space and still active space, and the peak data of read and write speed. To make these disk data more vivid for common users, it design graph to display disk read and write speed.

This hard disk monitor is designed as lightweight, and then you can easily monitor graph at anytime without bothering. For the more, Magican Monitor reports disk's temperature to Macintosh users. Users can freely display the temperature as Celsius or Fahrenheit. As you know, if your disk temperature keeps in top, it means you need to close your Mac to make it have a rest, because high temperature may cause your Mac crash, and limited the using age of your Mac.

Magican Monitor not only scanning hard disk; it still reports your Mac's memory, CPU, sensor and battery information both in graph and data. Still this disk usage monitor is totally free and will continually update to a better one. It's well worth the download time, and if you're keen on catching your hard disk activity, you may find it to be indispensable.