Free Mac app worthy to watch in 2012

Each of us is searching for great Mac apps that others have not found yet, especially for a free price. Here is a Mac app designed by a fresh independent company Magican Software, with the same name as Magican. It is released to help cover most of your needs on Mac.

Magican was a new app in 2011. Its released day is marked on Oct 9th 2011. From then on, besides fixing possible bugs appeared in new app, Magican developed more powerful features in the following days. Like making the skin colorful in both main window and floating window; enhancing clean features by adding cleaning browser caches and cleaning former app’s leftover in clean item; enhancing system optimize features by adding memory release button and stop running process button at floating window; and redesigning software center with discounts info recommended.

All these updates make Magican running more stable than ever before. No matter system stat monitor, useless caches cleaning or memory releasing, Magican could improve them in performance. To be continued, in 2012, Magican will update for more powerful features for all Mac users.

The functions Magican contains not only makes itself more comprehensive and competitive in Mac utility at 2012, but also makes Mac users believe that choosing Magican is a right decision.