Free Mac system monitor to monitoring CPU/GPU/Disk temperature

Does your computer kept at high temperature for a long time; do you need a temperature monitor? If you are boring about the high temperature of your computer, I will introduceMagican to you. Magican is a computer temperature monitor, especially as a CPU temperature monitor.

Magican is a CPU temperature monitor. CPU temperature monitor is very important to Macintosh users. General speaking, the CPU temperature of the computer should not too high, the CPU temperature should better keeps below 65°C, if the temperature of your CPU is too high ,your computer may not operate normally. If your CPU temperature monitor shows the CPU temperature beyond the usual, you need to take some measure to solve the problem.

Magican is a GPU temperature monitor. GPU is very important to game lover, so they need to keep GPU in a best status. Magican Monitor is a GPU temperature monitor, it make game lover care the status of the GPU and make the monitor of the computer can apply normally.

Magican can monitor disk temperature. Computer should be kept at a normal temperature, if one part of the disk shows temperature too high to computer to stand, there would be have very bad influence on computer, the life of the computer use will reduce.

Magican give users system temperature monitoring, if you find that the temperature of your computer become higher than usual ,you should take some ways to reduce the high temperature, such as increase the fan, turn off the computer.

Magican is a free mac system monitor, it can be a CPU temperature monitor, GPU temperature monitor and disk temperature monitor. I believe that many Macintosh users will like this kind of monitor.