Free network monitoring tools for Macintosh users

The first purpose that Macintosh users choose network monitoring tool is for monitor network speed. Even many kinds of monitor can monitor many things, but what Macintosh users most care about is network. Magican attaches great importance to the network monitor, and it is totally free.

If you have experienced the function of Magican, you will see that it do well in network usage monitor.

Magican displays your bandwidth, including the download and upload speed. Magican makes the usage of the bandwidth clearly shows to Macintosh users. Many Macintosh users only know that download speed and upload speed influence the network speed, but they neglect the fact that even Macintosh users stop download things from internet, many of the download tools have the function that upload files automatic, this function make computer stay in a uploading status. Magican is a network speed monitor, you can clearly know you download and upload speed. If the upload speed shows abnormal, Macintosh users can close the uploading tool.