Hidden tiny features in Magican 1.0.0

As Magican updated to version 1.0.0, people give lots of focus on the entire new interface and new logo. Thank you for giving us those feedbacks. We will continue optimize the UI to make it moresuitable in Mac style.

Still I need to remind you that, besides redesigning the outlook, Magican still updates some features to help easily optimize Mac. Let's check those tiny but helpful new features in Magican 1.0.0.

1. All disks info is available

After receiving most of our users' feedback, wedecide to add more disks info in Stat Module. Then users could get even their USB flash disk, shared storage and dmg. Users could directly open each disk by clicking the right side button.

2. Add more detailed battery information

Besides displaying the serial number, health state, cycles and remain time. Magican 1.0.0 detailed the display information, like display current max value, original max value, manufacture date and even display remain time in different using situation. This helps users save electricity when they are far from power source.

3. Enable to control Fan speed

This fan setting features could help users solve the overheating problem for their Mac directly. Then to avoid Mac becoming too hot, closing computer to lower the temperature could be the second choice now. Users could just move the scrolling bar at Sensor part of Stat module to cool their Mac. Because this scrolling bar could help users to set the fan minimum speed, move it to the right side could increase the PRM then temperature could be brought down.

4. Display internet IP

When you met IP address conflict, this feature could help you directly get your own IP address to check.

These features may not as huge as the redesigned UI, they are easy to be overlooked. Hope this article could help you catch their features.