Hit the gas of your Mac hard disk

There is an abundance of utilities currently fast grown in Mac app, each of them can met your need on different direction, such as file manager and system maintenance, Magican is one of the Mac utilities that can helps users tweak and tune your hard disk.

Normally, a hard disk with much of usage may lead Mac running slow, to hit the gas of your disk; you need to check your disk status first. Use Magican to check the hard disk’s used and free space; if free space is less than 10GB, you need to enlarge the idle space. Here are some ways may help you:
Manage your disk files, uninstall some unneeded apps can enlarge your free space.
Remove duplicate and large files, universal binary files, cache & temporary files

After deleting some useless files, sort your rest files by time range, and then back up them in to different category. If the backed up files is very large, cut them to your extra hard disk to store.

If idle space is large enough for you to store and operate, you need to check the disk write and read speed. If problems come from here, you need to check your hardware.

Here are just some basic steps for you to speed up your hard disk. To keep Mac disk away from crash and security problem, we also need to pay more attention on daily maintenance and optimizing.