How to clean up Mac effectively

As we know, Magican can help users quickly clean up Mac. Different from other single-purpose cleaner, it contains multiple items for better cleaning. To help users clean up Mac effectively, we offer the detailed operation ways as below.

One-click to detect useless files and Trojan

Magican always highlights the easy-to-use operation of "one-click". As it assumes from denotation, users could finish detection by clicking the quick scan button on the welcome page. Then both garbage and Trojan could be scanned out by one-click clean.

Pick up the files which take much space

It looks messy while you clean up Mac, for lots of place need to be cleaned. Actually it is not that complex; the most common space occupier always are leaded by the installed but not used app, app leftover, logs and caches, browsers' caches and duplicated files. Remove useless files are a great way to help you clean up Mac.

Users could go to a uninstall item in the software center to get the app, and then click uninstall to have all its related files removed with no leftover remained.

Go to the cleaner part to select the items that take spaces largely. After scanning, go to "Results…" to check the details and then clean up the ticked files.

Monitor CPU and memory usage

While cleaning up Mac, CPU and memory usage are always ignored. But actually deleting files is not the all for clean up Mac. We should monitor the CPU and memory usage; sometimes we could find that even the RAM and memory is in low usage, the system still runs slow. Then you could check the inactive memory usage from pie chart format in Stat or view the circled icon in floating window. If it turns into red, you need to click it to release the inactive memory.

Hopes these operations could help you get a better way to clean up Mac.