How to compress files on Mac

Normally long time working on Mac, files must be huge with generating day-by-day. To get enough space keeping daily work, Mac users need to manage file and backup unneeded one. Then compressing files is one of the important processes while backing up files.

Compress files by Finder. After opening Finder, you need to pitch up the files you want to compress. Then right click the selected file to get a right-click menu. Click the "Compress Items" on the menu to begin compress. Then a dialog box will appear to show the compress status and the expected time. After that, compressing files are complete. Files are gathered into a folder with format of .zip and name of Archive. Then change the Archive file's name at ease. Compressing file is finished.

Compress files by other tools. Take Magican File as an example, you need pitch up the files from Magican File interface. Then right click and select the "Compress" to start compressing. This app also compresses files into .zip format. Different from Finder, it can compress immediately after finding out files.

After compressing files into zip, you can move the zip files in a new location for backing up or share with other friends. There is no necessary to worry about the compatible problem, zip files can be both accessible on Windows and Mac.