How to Copy Files on Mac OS X

For a Mac freshman, who just comes from Windows, a common question generated while operating their files is how to easily copy files from one place to another on Mac? Here is a tip for you to easily copy files.

The basic way to copy file is right-click the file desired to copy, and then open the folder that you need copy the file to. Then the file will be copied to the destination. Still you can use drag and drop option to copy file. The point is the "Option" key. While working with Mac OS X, you need to press the Option key at all process when dragging file and dropping it to the desired place. Then you can copy the file but not just move.

Still you can use tools to make copy process easier, and there are many file managers are designed for Mac users. Take Magican File for instance, you can tick the file first by entering the file path or open folder to get the file. Then directly click copy button showed on the app interface, then change the file path to destination, and click paste button displayed on the app interface, too. Copying process is finished.