How to delete files on Mac without moving to Trash

For first time users, question on how to delete files easily may confuse them a little bit when they first buy a Mac computer. Because they only have"Move to Trash" item appearing on the right-click menu.

To easily delete files from Mac computers, here are some steps for Mac users. Many Mac users will move unneeded files to Trash, and then click empty trash button on finder.

Users still can delete a file from Finder with the help of the keyboard, select the file first, and then simultaneously press on "Command" and"Delete" button. Then files can be deleted.

Still, Mac users can make use of tools.Taking Magican File as an example, users can freely manage files well. While deleting files using Magican File, the first step is to select the file that need to be deleted. Different from the commonly used ways, you need to select files from the app interface; the file path is still the same. Then click"Delete" button on the app interface, an option will pop-up for you to confirm the delete, this is designed for avoidance of selecting the wrong file.Then click "OK" to finalize the delete without moving to trash.

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