How to make CPU run more effectively

To make CPU runs more effectively, the hardware quality is the basic thing, besides acceptable use methods and routine maintenance are also play an important role.

A large number of apps running at same time will increase the CPU usage and directly cause Mac running slow and even cause Mac crash. Normally, make the CPU usage more or less at 2% can make CPU running effectively. Users can use Magican Monitor to detect current CPU usage; still the free app shows the total process and thread, this help to avoid too much process lead the high CPU usage.

High temperature of CPU may cause overheating during normal operation, then Macs will auto detect the high temperature and shut down or even be crashed directly. To make CPU run more effectively, heatsink and fan are needed to cooling CPU at real time. Checking the CPU temperature and fan speed occasionally ensures the computer is operating safely. Use Magican to detect the CPU temperature and report the fan speed make complex detecting more easy to operate.

To maintain CPU in time can extend the Mac's life, and make users' operations more security and effectively.