How to properly kill virus by Magican?

Since Mac was infected by Flashback Trojan, the slogan "It doesn't get PC viruses" was annulled from Apple's official website. It means the situation that Mac cannot be infected by virus has become a history; Mac still needs the protection of antivirus software. Many Mac users may have not used any antivirus software before, so they don't have a clear understanding of this kind of app. Magican is one of the antivirus software. In order to help Magican users kill virus effectively, we will conduct you how to kill virus with Magican.

Although Mac can catch the virus, it rarely occurs. Users don't need to detect and kill virus in real time. If you want to detect whether Mac has been infected or not, you can use Magican for half a month. Before detecting a virus, you should make sure the virus database is updated to the latest, which could help you to scan out the latest virus threats.

Magican enables detect and kill virus in three scanning modes: Quick scan, Full scan and Custom scan. Quick scan can detect and kill virus in seconds, users still can kill virus in the homepage, but it can only kill four main viruses, including Flashback Trojan, Mackontrol, Sabpab and Olyx. The feature of Quick scan function is just same as Magican AntiTrojan.

If you want to remove more viruses, Full scan and Custom scan can help you detect more than 30 kinds of virus. However, Full scan is time-consuming, for it can detect more virus than Quick scan and it will scan all the files on your Mac. If you have too many files on your Mac, then the scanning process may take half an hour.

Compared to Full scan, Custom scan can complete virus scanning in a short time. Therefore we propose to use Custom scan to detect and kill virus for the specified directory. Magican users only need to drag a file or folder to Custom scan, and then Magican will finish the scan in a short time.

Some file may do not have a right signature, and make antivirus software identified it as a virus. If users make sure the file is safe, you can add the file into a trust list to avoid being detected as a virus.

Properly using the Magican security center can help Mac users kill virus effectively and safely. Magican is one of the best ways to ensure the security of all your files and personal information.