How to uninstall apps for Mac OS X

Removing the apps in the Mac OS X is not the same as removing the programs in the Windows. The process of uninstalling app in the Mac OS X is much more simple and easier, but this does not mean to just drag the app’s icon into Trash Bin directly.

The apps dragged into Trash Bin are not removed completely from Mac OS X, they are just broken and their relative leftover still exists on your Mac which takes much disk space. If you want to uninstall Mac software in an easy way and remove all the relative files completely, the best way I suggest you is to use an app uninstaller.

How to uninstalling apps for Mac OS X? Today I will solve this problem for you. For example, Magican is uninstaller software for Mac OS X. To use Magican to uninstall software, you can follow tips below:

To uninstall the Mac software, first thing you should do is to open Magican and find the software module. Click “uninstall”, you will find all the Mac software installed by you here, and then you will notice how many software you have installed and whether the software is from Mac App Store.

The next step is to judge which software you want to uninstall. You can right click the software to check the location of the software or open the software. If the software have no more use to you, and then you can choose to click the icon “uninstall” to clean the app and its related files completely.

Uninstaller helps user delete the Mac software and their related files. Therefore, uninstalling software with uninstaller is much better than dragging the icon into the Trash Bin.