How to uninstall programs on Mac totally

Sometimes, we are likely to download some programswhich seem to be attractive. However, later we will find they are less used, andeven never used. Day by day, we may forget it. So one day, we find that thereare so many unnecessary programs in our Macs. Here comes a serious question:“How to uninstall programs on Mac totally?”

Some people think it’s easy to delete them. They will tell you the following steps:

1, Open“Finder” on your Mac. Click on “Applications” on the left panel. It will displaya list of all the installed programs on the Mac.

2, Look through these listed programs. They are in alphabetical order. Locate the program which you want to remove.

3, Right-click on the program with the mouse. Select“Move to Trash” in menu options. You can also drag and drop the program into the “Trash.”

This method only works fine with a small part of applications. Most the application will create some files in the library when you install them or use them. So a third-party software is a necessity, if we want to uninstall software on mac totally.

For most users, they don’t know how to delete the leftovers. In such situation,some useful utilities can help us uninstall programs on Mac totally and easily. Magican is such a software to help users uninstall application and delete the leftover. I will introduce it in the following.

You can find the “Uninstall” on the left panel of Magican.It will list all the program installed on your Mac. Better yet, more detailed information about the software can be seen which help you decide whether to uninstall it. Please refer to the picture below.

uninstall programs on mac

That's just one of the reasons why our Macs are becoming slow and slow. We even nevernotice that there have been lots of leftover in the Mac.

uninstall software on mac

You may have uninstalled many softwares manually without any utility. If you worry that there would be any leftover, there is another function, Quick Clean under the Cleaner, you may like. It can help you delete the preference files,background files and support files thoroughly.

Oh, to uninstall programs on Mac completely is not that difficult thing now. Why not download Magican from and clean your Mac at once.