How to use Magican File for find any files on Mac

If you want to learn how to use Magican File on your Mac computer, I will give you some suggestion on how to use this file manager.

Magican File is a free Mac file manager helps to find any files on Mac for Macintosh users. The development of computer enables Mac users store all the files on Mac, so it is difficult to search, delete or move specific files. If you have many different programs stored on your Mac system, you can use the Magican File to take file management. You can use Magican File to find and the file quickly.

Download Application to use Magican File, you can download from the Magican official site. Select Magican File, and then app Install to start downloading. This application is totally free; you can use it without need to pay for it.

After the download is complete an application, you can use it now. When the program opens, you can search for a file for its size and types. If you are looking for a specific file, you can choose Search Options from the main applications menu at the screen. Just type a file name, and then click to find it. You can also use Order option at the top to rearrange the files in the list appears in.

File search is very easy and you can manage files too. You can move and delete files with Magican File. When you delete file, you have two choices, you can delete files forever or delete it to recycle bin.

To find out more about using the Magican File, you can visit the Magican official website.