Importance of Check Temperature

Monitoring system temperature is very important to all of Mac owners, it directly affect the reliability of your Mac, still it is also the most likely to be ignored part for majority of computer owners, generally users like to experience the temperature by hand touching, if it was not too hot to hand, then most of us will ignored it. But this high temperature will reduce the activity of CPU, GPU… Then directly lead to your Mac activity.

So how much temperature will be normal for Mac users? It depends; but generally, don't let your CPU, GPU temperature higher than 80 °C, that means 176 °F. If it runs to 125 °C (257 °F), your Mac will be crash.

To monitor your Mac temperature accurately, you need to use Magican Monitor to test for you. This app is designed as lightweight, and then you can easily monitor temperature at anytime without bothering. For the more, to fit for all users' using habits, users can freely set the temperature as Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Temperature monitor is not the only feature for Magican Monitor, but if you only want to see the temperature monitor, you can freely hide the rest and only shows the desired part at ease.