Install App on Mac App Store

As a green hand of Macintosh OS X user, you may be confused by using Mac App Store. This feature is unique on Mac, and Windows users have never met before. Till now, Mac App Store has over thousands apps; to get apps form Mac App Store may help new comers a lot while they don't have enough app resources, and don't have their own judgments. Here is a tip of installing apps on Mac app store.

1. Open the Mac App Store first.
2. Click "Sign in..." from the top menu bar to sign in to your Apple account.
3. Find app by category, such as games, productivity, music, and more. Or do a quick search for something specific.
4. Click "BUY" button or "FREE" button to start the purchase and installation.
5. After confirmation, your new app will be installed to your Applications folder and automatically dropped into your Dock.

Note: Apps of MagicanSoftware are all directly downloaded from local. Magican's app on Mac App Store will not update recently, please download Magican app from our websites to get auto updated version.