Keep good performance of your Mac

It is unquestionable that as a steady system with more comfortable interface, Mac is being applied on more and more computers. But no matter how powerful your Mac is, without persistent maintenance, it still cannot escape slowing down after several months.

Each step of your operation on Mac will produce out a kind of junk. Do not underestimate these unneeded data derived during your operation, they accumulate as your Mac operation goes on and together, they occupy a large amount of space and slow down your Mac performance. These unneeded data includes duplicated files, logs and caches, unused languages, useless binaries, web browser cache, previous uninstalled app’s leftover and so on. Internal tools plus widgets in Mac could help cleaning these junks up, but we this cleaning tool definitely complexes users’ cleaning operation.

Another thing to cause Mac slow is uninstalling app. People normally uninstall app by just moving their icons into Trash. This may delete some tiny apps and save little space, but multiple files and data are still left in Mac to occupy space.

This situation results in accelerated development of cleaning applications and uninstalling applications in software market. Magican is the application which contains both of these above functions. In Magican, just to spend a few seconds every few days, you could easily get rid of all the unused data and completely uninstall unneeded apps to keep good performance of your Mac.