Keep Your Mac Away from a Mess

Since Mac has got the security and powerful tags, most of Mac users may not pay more attention to protect their Mac. But after longtime of using, Mac must contain multiple caches and out-of-date files and applications. It may cause Mac CPU running burden while some of them are auto start running while Mac starts, and influence the hard disk's operation condition.

To keep your Mac away from these messes, regular care is necessary for Mac now.

Use Magican Monitor to monitor your Mac daily, this app is designed as lightweight, then you can easily monitor graph at anytime without bothering. For the more, Magican Monitor reports disk's temperature; you can freely display the temperature as Celsius or Fahrenheit. As you know, if your disk temperature keeps in top, it means you need to close your Mac to make it have a rest, because high temperature may cause your Mac crash, and limited the using age of your Mac.

Use Magican File to delete mess files. This file manager helps you manage file easily, you may find old caches by type some related elements, then same elements data will be found together, after confirming these caches are useless, you can delete them permanently by using Magican File's "Delete" feature.