Magican: An "all-in-one" utility

No matter your 2011 is filled with happiness or a little bit trouble. Do not forget to draw a conclusion for your 2011 before making wishes for the New Year 2012.

As a special year, 2011 has witnessed the birth and growth of Magican. During the several times updates, Magican has kept on fixing bugs of former versions and adding new functions in.

To speed up your operation on Mac, Magican scans out all the unneeded system data and sweep them away to help you enlarge the disk space. What is better, this cleaning process just takes you a few clicks within few seconds.

To help you better understand the physical condition of your Mac, Magican displays the Mac stat(the detailed information of disk, battery, memory, CPU, Network speed and their temperature, etc) for you in real time in pictorial symbols.

Magican also shows the software you have installed and the widgets, plug-Ins, screen savers on your Mac in category. Within this category, you are able to remove any of the programs you do not need directly.

Magican displays all the documents, videos, music and movies. This category makes it possible for user to get their property, take quick check, copy, remove to trash and delete permanently.

In the subsequent updated version, Magican added the button of "purge RAM" which not only helps clear the memory but also shows user a clear view of how much space have been saved after purging RAM.

To save users from opening an additional website or waiting in front of TV for weather report, Magican designers set a column on float window for weather checking. This makes Magican to be more considerate than other software.

A great function, also a very helpful function Magican float window has got is to reveal the top six CPU and Memory takers.

What great this software is. All the features you could think of have been included in Magican and all the features you can hardly think of may be or will be added into Magican as well. So any customers' feedback and suggestion will be taken into consideration in the upcoming updates

Words above may be too much to be a conclusion. To make this conclusion simple, Magican is an "all-in-one" utility; it can scan files, release memory, monitor Mac status and give physical examination to your Mac.