Magican AntiTrojan safeguard Mac against Flashback Trojan

Flashback Trojan has become a hot topic among Mac users. According to the news, this virus has already infected more than 600 000 Mac computers. It means that the user’s privacy may be stolen by other persons.

The original version of this virus always masquerade as other useful application, but the harm of the original version has its limitation, which need Mac users to install it on the Mac. However, the Mac computer may be infected by the latest version of Flashback Trojan very easily. If you have Java installed on your Mac and visit the website infected by Flashback Trojan, you will leave the marks on the website. This virus will request you fill in the administrative password, and then this virus will put an install package on your Mac. If you not fill in the form, you are still infected by the virus for it will run at your current account.

Flashback Trojan has threaten the information security of all Mac users, so most Mac users want to find an useful tool to prevent Mac from this malicious program. For Mac is a system having few viruses, so there only are few Mac software can help Mac users resist with such formidable program.

Magican AntiTrojan is one of the several tools to help users check and kill the Trojan. This useful tool makes your Mac for 100% clean. Same as other Magican apps, Magican AntiTrojan is totally free. Your Mac needs to be safeguarded, please let Magican AntiTrojan protect your Mac from Flashback Trojan.